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Image Engine is known for its focus and engagement of the ecosystem in key industry sectors. 

In technology, we hold a leadership position, being the Event Organiser for GovWare, also known as GovernmentWare, the region’s premier cybersecurity Conference and Exhibition for the latest trends in technology, organisational implementation and user perspectives.

In 2019, shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, GovWare marked its fourth year as the base event of Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW), which attracted participation from over 50 countries. The event was attended by over 9,600 industry practitioners, decision-makers and policy-makers through diverse industries, including those from Critical Infrastructure (CI) verticals such as transport, telecoms, healthcare, financial services and energy among others. 


GovWare Focus

Launched in 2020, the GovWare Focus Series provides a defined lens towards important developments in the cybersecurity ecosystem, with a specific emphasis revolving around geographical boundaries, technology sectors, or user industry verticals. 


It is designed to offer in-depth perspectives in these specialised areas to better complete the information profile available to the GovWare community on cybersecurity in general.


GovWare Focus 2020 presented a 2-day virtual learning and engagement experience where more than 3,000 attendees tuned-in from over 50 countries.

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GovWare Focus
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Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW)

Organised by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) sees policy-makers, business leaders, industry experts and academia around the world converge in Singapore where they engage in dialogue on cybersecurity trends and challenges, showcase cutting-edge innovations, and collaborate on capacity-building efforts. Image Engine is honoured to be the Event Partner for SICW since 2016.

Key events that took place at SICW 2019 include the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity (AMCC), GovWare Conference and Exhibition, International Common Criteria Conference (ICCC), International IoT Security Roundtable, and Women in Cyber.

CYS Re-launch
CYS Re-launch Collage.png

CYS Re-launch
Ceremony 2022

CYS, a local youth-led charity focused on cybersecurity, was relaunched in March 2022 by Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean. CYS aims to empower 5,000 young Singaporeans and received charity status in November 2021. The ceremony included refreshed plans, recognition of industry partners, and an MOU with JTC. The event was in partnership with Image Engine.

Cyber Intelligence Forum

Cyber Intelligence Forum Indonesia

Cyber Intelligence Forum (CIF) Indonesia is a highly focused digital conference, providing participants and partners exclusive access to thought leadership and networking opportunities centring on Threat Intelligence. We showcase the latest in cybersecurity including the verticals Fraud Detection and FinTech to help the community equip themselves against cyber threats.

Powered by GovWare, CIF Indonesia will give you the opportunity to connect with key players seeking business partnerships related to advanced threat protection, application security, cloud security, digital forensics, data protection and security and more



 “GovWare has been an important element of the Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) since 2016. The digital-first world we live in today is increasingly exposed to new and emerging technologies. While we welcome the advantages brought about by technology, we need to take heed of the challenges in the cyber domain, marked by increasingly sophisticated cyber threats. We are heartened that GovWare continues to foster crucial conversations among stakeholders to address these challenges and pursue innovations to bring everyone forward in our digitalisation journey.”

Dan Yock Hau

Assistant Chief Executive

Cyber Security Agency of Singapore 

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OT-ISAC Virtual Summit

OT-ISAC Virtual Summit 2020 brought together CISOs and practitioners from Asia to collectively shape security best practices and strategies in ICS/OT. 


Global Resilience Federation Asia Pacific (GRF APAC), in partnership with the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), launched Operational Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OT-ISAC) to enhance the security and resilience of Asia’s CII sectors to improve cross-sector response to mitigate cyber threats in the OT environment and strengthen partnerships with industry and stakeholders. Image Engine is proud to be the Co-Organiser of the inaugural OT-ISAC Virtual Summit.

OT-ISAC Summit 2021
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